Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

Medical Records

The Medical Records Department staff is happy to assist patients in obtaining health information from other healthcare providers and in disclosing health information to clinics, hospitals, and other businesses. The staff maintains the patient’s right to confidentiality and privacy by adhering to clinic policy and federal law and using state law disclosure of health information as a guide. All health records are kept in a secure environment.

The IHS AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OR DISCLOSURE OF PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION form is used for request and release of your protected health information (PHI) and is available through the Medical Records Department. An authorization may take up to 10 days to process however, if there is an urgent need for the information, the request can be processed within one to two business days.

Your PHI belongs to you. You are allowed to read and receive copies of your records.


Click here for directions (Power Point) to sign up for My Chart from Thedacare: How To Sign up for MYCHART

The Medical Records Department is in the lower level of the clinic below the Medical Services Department. You can access services through the following:

  • In person – Stop at the Medical Services Appointment Desk and ask to speak to a Medical Records Department staff member
  • Directly by phone or email please see the contact list, or the main clinic number 715-799-3361 and ask for the Medical Records Department

Medical Records Contact Staff:

Sundai Lindner
Medical Records Supervisor
Phone: 715-799-5462 •

Jamie Pecore
Phone: 715-799-5463 • Email:

Christine Barwick
Phone: 715-799-5461 • Email:

FAX NUMBER: 715-799-5763

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to get my entire record?

You must submit a valid authorization form to the Medical Records Department. It can take up to 10 days to process your request; you will be contacted when your records are ready.

I lost my record I requested a few weeks ago. Is there a charge for a second copy?

Yes, the current charge for copies is .35 cents a page.

Can I pick up records for someone else?

Yes, but you will need a note signed by the patient stating you are allowed to pick up the records. The patient must have already signed an authorization form requesting the records.

I am taking care of a child that is not biologically mine. Can I get records?

If you have legal documents signed by a judge showing you have custody of the child, you are permitted to receive copies of the child’s health information and to receive copies of the child’s records you must sign an authorization form.

I want my child’s physical and immunization record faxed to their school. Can I call the Medical Records Department and do this over the phone?

An authorization form signed by the legal guardian is needed before a copy of the physical examination form can be disclosed. The immunization record may be sent to the school without a signed authorization. The records will be mailed or you may pick them up. Records are faxed only when there is an urgent need and the records will not be delivered in time by regular mail.


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After Hours Services

24-Hour NURSES HOTLINE: 1-866-540-6360


If you are in need of medication on weekends and evenings, it is best to call the nurse hotline. If needed, they will contact the doctor on-call. Note that narcotic pain medicines or other high-risk medications are not called in on weekends or evenings.

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