Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

If you have a medical emergency,

Call 911

Tell the dispatcher:

1. Location of the emergency: Address or other specific location.
2. Telephone number you are calling from.
3. What happened.
4. How many persons need help.
5. Condition of victim(s).
6. What is being done for victim(s).

Minor injury or Illness

If you have a minor injury or illness that is not life-threatening and are unsure what to do, you can call the 24 Hour Nurse Hotline at 1-866-540-6360 for advice.

Emergency Medical Services

The Menominee Tribal Rescue Service provides 24-hour Emergency Ambulance Service for the reservation and county.

The Menominee Tribal Rescue Service provides Basic and Advanced Life Support Services. Some of the more common services include conducting a patient survey/exam, gathering medical history information, administration of oxygen and other medications, application of bandaging and splints, caring for injured patients using various types of equipment and transport to a medical facility when needed. Our service responds to a wide variety of illnesses and injuries. Some of the ways the injuries occur are by motor vehicle accidents, four wheeler, bicycle, boating, rafting, falls or other accidents at home, work, school, the casino and other public places, and second party inflicted violence. Some of the more common medical illness related calls include cardiac chest pain, stroke, diabetes, respiratory problems, high fever mainly in children, and a number of chronic illnesses. We also provide first aid and ambulance standby services as time permits for community events including at school sports events, Pow-Wow events and for boxing events at the casino.


Our medical physicians and providers are looking forward to seeing you.  Call 715-799-3361 or click here to schedule an appointment with Menominee Tribal Clinic. 

After Hours Services

24-Hour NURSES HOTLINE: 1-866-540-6360


If you are in need of medication on weekends and evenings, it is best to call the nurse hotline. If needed, they will contact the doctor on-call. Note that narcotic pain medicines or other high-risk medications are not called in on weekends or evenings.

Find A Provider

View our medical physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatric consultants, and dentists.  Menominee Tribal Clinic is hiring. Visit this section of our website to view provider profiles & bios.