Medical Services

Medical Services

Welcome to Medical Services

We are open 8:00 am – 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday (Excluding Holidays)

Call 715-799-5400 to schedule an appointment

Fax: 715-799-1326

Contact Person:  Davey Boyd Phone: 715-799-5749


The Flu Vaccine is Available now.  Come in to get your Flu Shot.

Menominee Tribal Clinic strives to improve the access to and quality of care.  To reduce delays and wait times, patients are encouraged to call the appointment desk at 8:00 am and make “Same Day Appointments”.  This open access approach helps build a system in which patients can see their health care providers the same day and receive the quality health care they deserve.

To improve the access to and quality of care, Menominee Tribal Clinic has developed “Care Teams” made up of a combination of clinical support staff.  This Care Team approach, allows the patients and the providers the ability to develop trusting, supportive relationships.  At the same time this approach allows the patients an opportunity to take a more active role in managing their health care.  The Medical Services Department has 3 available Care Teams.  If you are unable to see your provider, then you will be able to see a member of the same care team.  Each Care Team knows it’s members patients and will be able to manage your health care needs.

All of the physicians and nurse practitioners are board certified.

Medical Services also offers Physical Therapy.

Please welcome our new physician, Dr. Ostgard.  Dr. Ostgard is a graduate of the University of South Dakota, Sanford School of Medicine.  She currently has experience in treating chronic illness of adult and pediatric patients, prenatal care, women’s health, sports medicine, geriatrics, skin care, and psychiatric care.  Please schedule appointments with her by calling the medical appointment desk at 715-799-5400.

Care Team 1

Picture1      Picture5      Picture3     

   Dr. Nennig          Dr. Slagle                     Liz Radtke-Petri,APNP         Jackie Moe, APNP

Care Team 2

Picture4       Picture8        

    Dr. Keenan         Dr. Daun                   Dr. Gillis                  Sue Weso, APNP

Care Team 3

Guenther   ostgard  Sarah Harkey

Dr.Guenther                    Dr. Ostgard                        Dr.Wolf                               Sarah Harkey, APNP