FAQ’s Billing

Billing and Insurance ~ Frequently Asked Questions?

1.  I’m covered under Medicare. Is there anything I should know about my coverage?

    We wouldn’t treat medicare coverage different from any other facility. A non Indian would have to pay the co-insurance of 20% and a Native American patient would receive an adjustment on their 20% because we are an Indian Health Service(IHS) facility.

2.  I am unable to pay the full amount of my bill at this time. Is it possible to make payment arrangements?

    Yes, our policy is 10% of the current balance of the patient due amount with a minimum monthly payment of $30 a month.

3.  Will you file claims to my health insurance for my services?

    Yes, as a benefit to the patient we will file the insurance claim.

4.  I would like to have some or all of the services associated with a visit treated confidentially so that they are not billed to my insurance. Is this possible?

    Yes, simply inform your doctor who is providing the service to you.

5. What if I have a question regarding my billing statement?

    For questions on your statement call 715-799-5489.

6.  My insurance plan requires a co-payment. Will I be required to pay the co-payment when I check-in for my  appointment?

    If you’re a medial assistance patient you will be required to pay the co-payment before your appointment after you register you will be sent to billing. For all other general insurance patients we balance bill monthly.

7.  Why is my baby getting a statement?

    You are getting a statement on your baby until you bring in baby’s enrollment information or baby’s birth certificate linking one or both of the parents as Native American .

8. Is the Clinic open during the Noon Hour?


9.  What OTC (Over the Counter) items can I purchase at the clinic?