Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

Menominee Tribal Clinic • W3275 Wolf River Rd • Keshena, WI 54135 •  715-799-3361

Diabetes Program

The Diabetes program offers a variety of services to the community as well as to individual diabetic patients.  These services range from prevention of the disease to individual education and intervention activities.

The Diabetes Program offers comprehensive self-management instruction.  Education utilizing appropriate diabetes self-management techniques improves individuals and their family’s quality of life.

Complications from diabetes can be prevented. Diabetes self-management training with personal empowerment means diabetes does not control the person with diabetes; rather they (the individual and their support system) learn to control diabetes.

The Program’s team has the commitment to provide personalized diabetes and diabetes prevention education/training.  The expertise of the staff includes experience in weight management and weight loss strategies, exercise program development, nutritional trends that are healthy and safe, expertise in medication therapy, current advances in medical technology and numerous strategies to help individuals have optimal blood glucose control.

Current staff includes: Diabetes Nurse Educator, Registered Dietitian, Fitness Instructor, and a Health Promotion Specialist.   The following are encouraged to attend education classes, conferences, and individual counseling:

  • People newly diagnosed with diabetes, Individuals who have had diabetes for many years and may have developed complications,
  • Individuals with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes
  • Women with Gestational Diabetes.
  • Anyone with an A1C greater than 7%
  • People with pre-diabetes, and metabolic syndrome


For more information contact Patty Burr,RN BSN CDE , 715-799-5759



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After Hours Services

24-Hour NURSES HOTLINE: 1-866-540-6360


If you are in need of medication on weekends and evenings, it is best to call the nurse hotline. If needed, they will contact the doctor on-call. Note that narcotic pain medicines or other high-risk medications are not called in on weekends or evenings.

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