Contract Health Services

Contract Health Services are hospital, physician, pharmacy, dental and optometry services that cannot be provided to patients on-site at the Menominee Tribal Clinic by our providers.   The need for Contract Health Services must be determined by your primary care provider at the Menominee Tribal Clinic.  Your provider will issue a referral for services and your eligibility for Contract Health Services will be determined by a Contract Health Representative.

Contract Health funds are used to supplement other financial resources available to Native Americans.  Federal regulations insist that Contract Health Services funds are to be used only after all other sources have paid.

All patients seeking Contract Health Services funds must provide a current Contract Health Services application with proof of residency, tribal affiliation and must also apply for an alternate resources for care if it appears you may be eligible.

Acceptable forms of proof of residency include copies of rent receipts, utility bill, phone bill, pay check stubs, court orders for child support, license plate registration renewal.  Contract Health does not accept tribal id’s, medical bills or state id’s.  The proof of residency must contain the individuals physical address and the issue must be six months prior to date of referral.


To help Contract Health Services process your bills efficiently:

Bring all bills associated with your referral visit to the Contract Health Services department as soon as you receive them.

Respond to your insurance carrier if they request additional information.

Note the number of visits issued on your approved referral.

Please feel free to contact a member of the Contract Health Services team for any questions you may have.

Contract Health Staff: